We know you might have questions about how we can appease Poseidon and get our country back on track. We hope you can find the answers you need right here.

Why should the Prime Minister get in the sea?

There has been an undeniable period of decline since the last time a Prime Minister went to the sea. Clearly this is a result of Poseidon's displeasure due to our neglect.

When should the Prime Minister get in the sea?

We are in midst of a climate crisis, a global pandemic and a period of dangerous geopolitical instability. The Prime Minister should get in the sea immediately, or sooner.

Does the Committee to Appease Poseidon support any particualr candidate?

No. We are strictly non-partisan. We believe all parties should adopt a policy of sending the Prime Minister into the sea, whoever they might be or represent.

Do you really want the Prime Minister to drown?

We are not calling for anyone to be drowned. The Prime Minister should simply be sent into the sea. What happens after that is up to Poseidon.

Who exactly should get in the sea?

Traditionally, the current sitting Prime Minister has gone into the sea. We see no reason for this to change. However, should the Prime Minister be incapacitated and somehow unable to get in the sea, it would be acceptable for the Deputy Prime Minister to get in the sea.

Should we send other politicians into the sea?

Possibly. We do however recommend that this not be treated as a priority until the Prime Minister gets in the sea.

How frequently should the Prime Minister be sent to the sea?

Much more often than every 50 years. As we have clearly demonstrated in the last decade, there is no detrimental effect to changing Prime Minister every year or two, so we suggest that Poseidon should be appeased annually.

What if the Prime Minister comes out of the sea again?

There is no precedent for this. Historically, every Prime Minister given to Poseidon has never been seen again.

Should the leaders of other countries get in the sea?

We have no data on anything other than Australian Prime Ministers going into the sea. We would welcome news of any research on this topic.

How Can I Help?

Be active in your community. Talk to your friends and family about how our lives could all be improved if the Prime Minister got in the sea.

If you have older family members, ask them to tell you stories about the last time the Prime Minister got in the sea.

Contact your local MP. If they are not the current Prime Minister, ask them if they themselves are prepared to help appease Poseidon. Encourage them to raise getting in the sea with their parliamentary colleagues.

If your MP is the Prime Minister, ask them to get in the sea.


Authorised by the Committee to Appease Poseidon.